This Is Murder takes people down a new path, to the story within the story of any given murder. This podcast focuses largely on the victims, but approaches their pain with a cathartic, dark sense of humor. Listeners can expect to hear all the nitty gritty. They’ll be challenged to think about the untold ripple effect that every murder leaves behind. Listener discretion advised.


Jones & Buttafuoco who, combined, have 50 years of dealing with murder, approach each murder case with a no-holds-barred attitude. The verdict is: they let it all hang out.


Aphrodite Jones


Aphrodite Jones knows the crime world first hand. She’s a TV persona who doesn’t sugar-coat important issues for viewers and is a best-selling true crime author who uses her reporter’s hunch to investigate and write about murder. Through her eyes, Jones brings her audience inside a murder case to reveal the dark motives behind each tragedy. Over the past two decades, Jones has written a string of best-selling true crime books which have inspired true-crime movies. She has also provided expert TV commentary for every major cable and TV network, detailing the complex connections between psycho-killers and their unsuspecting victims. 

When Jones wrote her first book, The FBI Killer, it was quickly turned into an ABC movie-of-the-week, Betrayed by Love, starring Patricia Arquette. Not long after, Jones landed the exclusive rights to a teen crime drama that she chronicled in Cruel Sacrifice, a book which hit the top of The New York Times best seller list and has become somewhat of a cult classic. Her third book, All He Wanted, was one of the first true crime accounts of a transgender murder in America. All He Wanted was later transformed into the film Boys Don't Cry, which put Hilary Swank on the map. Jones’ seventh book, A Perfect Husband, will be re-released in May 2019. In it, Jones tells the real story behind convicted killer Michael Peterson, the star and main subject of the riveting docu-series, The Staircase, currently streaming on Netflix.

Jones has a penchant for “telling it like it is” and in her 25 years of crime reporting, she has been asked to investigate and comment on everything from the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks to the trial of drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman. Jones has personally covered the trials of Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, George Zimmerman, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, the BTK, O.J. Simpson, and “El Chapo” Guzman. She has appeared as a crime expert on CNN, HLN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, NBC, CBS, Court TV, ID, MTV, REELZ, TLC, E! News, OXYGYN, Entertainment TonightInside EditionExtra!, Anderson Cooper Live, Nancy Grace, Montel Williams, Maury Povitch, Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo, Forensic FilesCelebrity Justice, The New Detectives, Medical Detectives, American Justice, Deadline Crime, The Jury Speaks, The Deadliest Decade, CBS This Morning, The Today Show, Dateline NBC, and Dr. OZ. In recent years, the author created a hit reality true crime series, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, which aired on Investigation Discovery for six seasons.

Jessie Buttafuoco


Jessie Buttafuoco brought humor and sass to the airwaves as Co-Host of the ‘Shane and Friends’ Podcast with popular YouTuber, Shane Dawson. Her wit and lack of filter lead to hilarity each week while interviewing celebrity guests and social media stars. 

Jessie credits her humor to a tumultuous childhood, like so many of us have had.  Coming from a pair of infamous parents, Jessie has had her fair share of unique experiences (to say the least). She’s appeared on a variety of talk shows including (but not limited to) Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Howard Stern, and most recently, Dr. Oz.  

Growing up, Jessie found that participating in Arts programs helped her cope with the craziness that was her life. Because of this, she now owns and operates Encore Arts Center, a children’s theatre production company in Los Angeles California where she directs and choreographs musicals for children of all ages and abilities. She is passionate about providing children with a safe and creative space to grow as performers and overall human beings.

After her appearance on the Dr. Oz Show with Aphrodite Jones, Jessie was inspired to get back into the podcasting game, this time, on a more serious level: True Crime. Because she grew up around crime and experienced its’ ripple effect first-hand, Jessie has a unique and powerful perspective that many people can relate to and benefit from on “This is Murder.”